We build your homes and even the materials that are used to create your perfect home. Full quality control of the entire process.

At EGP, your vision is our mission. Together, we will make that vision a reality


We'll help you layout the architecture of your entire
housing project​.

EGP has an immediate response capacity to rebuild an enhance the number and quality of houses at natural disaster sites.
EGPs solution prioritizes the provision of decent, safe, and sanitary housing, with an emphasis on housing design and materials to reduce maintenance and insurance costs.

EGP combines its special products and systems to construct high-performance buildings, which consume less energy and natural resources and achieve high green building certification standards.
Our construction solutions maintain thermal continuity, minimizing thermal bridging and uncontrolled infiltration. Specific design principles on detailing issues are included in our solutions to avoid surface condensation and mould growth at junctions.

EGP is proud to announce that our R&D departement has completed the outer wall solution and will be available from 01/01/2017 onwards

EGP has developed high quality housing, offered at the lowest possible cost.
EGP's Affordable Housing Solution takes advantage of the optimal use of materials and standardized production to minimize costs, reduce waste, and ensure housing quality.
Affordable Housing Solutions are offered in rural and urban areas, for housing developments, and to individual land users.



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"EGP's key to success is in its secret sauce..."


We can take part in any of the phases of a project or participate in all phases as a ONE-STOP-SHOP for your housing project

Disaster Relief

Energy Efficient 

Land and Planning

Plan the best outlay for your
housing project based on your plotsizes​


Urban Development

We'll build the access roads
and arrange all facilities​